Tension Headaches

Many people automatically equate migraines with “really bad headaches,” but as one of the most common types of headaches, tension headaches are nothing to sneeze at. At Maryland Farms Chiropractic in Brentwood, TN, we understand that just because a condition may be common doesn’t make it any less painful or debilitating, and we work hard to see what is behind your tension headaches to help give you the power to manage them without medications.

Symptoms of a Tension Headache

Tension headaches have been compared to a clamp on the skull, and can occur either occasionally or may be chronic and occur over half the days in a month. Unlike migraines, tension headaches usually don’t affect vision or balance, but if left untreated, they can last anywhere from half an hour to several days.

How Tension Headaches Happen

If you have been getting tension headaches, our chiropractor at Maryland Farms Chiropractic can help you identify why those headaches happen and can not only treat them, but also empower you to take the steps needed to limit or eliminate them.

Like some other types of headaches, the occurrence of tension headaches is related to the inability to identify and control triggers. One person’s triggers may be very different than another’s, so finding out what caused yours will be a unique experience for you and your chiropractor. Some common triggers for tension headaches include:

  • Low iron
  • Emotional stress, including anxiety and depression
  • Lack of sleep
  • Alcohol and caffeine
  • Poor posture
  • Hunger
  • Dental issues

Treating Tension Headaches with Our Brentwood Chiropractor

If you get headaches only once in a while, it may have been your strategy to try and catch the pain before it gets too intense and take over-the-counter medication in order to stop the pain and prevent it from spreading. While that can work in the short term, too much medication can cause problems and may produce long-term negative side effects. In addition, taking a pill doesn’t address the underlying problem like many chiropractic treatments can:

  • Perform spinal manipulation to reduce stress on the system
  • Review your nutrition and exercise regimen to determine if changes in diet, exercise, or relaxation techniques can lessen your headache occurrence
  • Massage therapy to relieve muscle tension and improve blood flow

Schedule an Appointment Today with Our Brentwood Chiropractor

If you’ve been experiencing headaches, it is worth your while to investigate why and learn how to deal with them in a way that puts you back in control. To learn more about how our chiropractor can help you, contact Maryland Farms Chiropractic in Brentwood, TN, at (615) 309-8279 to make an appointment.

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