Neck Pain

Neck Pain From Your Brentwood Chiropractor

Experiencing back and neck pain near Nashville, TN can get in the way of many of the activities you want to do, and have you looking for pain relief as soon as possible. But there is often more to neck pain than what you might expect, and often chiropractic care from Maryland Farms Chiropractic can not only help the immediate pain but can help prevent further injuries in the future.

Our Chiropractor Treats Neck Pain

The neck is also known as the cervical spine and is responsible for supporting the head, which weighs about 12 pounds. In order to accomplish this task, the neck needs to be both strong and flexible.

At Maryland Farms, our chiropractor Dr. Liz Baker is committed to helping her patients in the Nashville area learn more about the underlying causes of their neck or other pain and become active participants in their own recovery with the help of chiropractic care.

Causes of Neck Pain

There are many reasons why someone might experience neck pain including

  • Injuries from car accidents, sports, work injuries, or falls — these injuries can cause whiplash (a neck injury resulting from a sudden jerking motion) or other injuries to joint and vertebrae in the neck and back. By assessing the incident that triggered the injury, our chiropractor in Brentwood can adjust and manipulate joints, muscles, discs, and ligaments to help the body heal itself.
  • Aging – Simply getting older can be a pain in the neck, literally. Conditions such as osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disorders often begin as age begins to advance. By seeing a chiropractor regularly, you can stay one step ahead of many of these changes.
  • Spinal Stenosis- the narrowing of the already small nerve passageways in the neck is called spinal stenosis. Pain happens due to trapped nerve roots and can be felt in the neck, shoulders or back.
  • Lifestyle Issues – Many of our aches and pains can be traced back to the way we live our lives. Things such as poor posture, being overweight, or how we carry things can contribute to ongoing problems with neck pain. Often, with the right nutritional and lifestyle guidance from our chiropractor, old habits can be adjusted, and many of the aches and pains that seem to just be part of life can start to diminish, all without invasive drugs or surgery.

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If you’re experiencing neck pain or various other types of pain, there is a good chance seeing a Nashville area chiropractor can make a difference. To learn more about the treatment options for your conditions contact your Brentwood chiropractor today at (615) 309-8279 to schedule an appointment.

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