Ergonomic Counseling at Maryland Farm Chiropractic

You may love your work, but does your work always love you? A work environment that forces your body into awkward or strenuous motions/positions on a constant basis can leave you with some serious musculoskeletal and neurological issues. Resolving the problem doesn’t just mean undergoing chiropractic treatment. It also means changing those work conditions so you can do your job without troublesome aches and pains. That’s why we make a point of offering ergonomic counseling to our Brentwood patients here at Maryland Farms Chiropractic.

The Impact of Ergonomics on the Body

The word “ergonomics” translates roughly as “the natural laws of work.” It describes the physical circumstances and actions involved in the performance of daily tasks at your job. A typical office worker, for instance, may spend substantial amounts of time each day sitting, typing, filing documents, consulting a mobile device, or talking on the phone. Cashiers, assembly line employees, and warehouse workers may devote long hours to standing, twisting from one position to another, or lifting objects. There are right and wrong ways to perform these and other tasks, and the wrong ways frequently lead to chronic strain injuries. For example:

    • Sitting at a desk or in a chair that is too low for you can force you to hunch over and position your wrists unnaturally, lead to neck pain, back pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome.
    • Cradling a phone receiver between your shoulder and ear can cause neck pain and stiffness.
    • Drooping your head as you use your mobile device can lead to another painful form of neck strain called text neck.
    • File cabinets or other frequently-used items positioned too far away from your body may lead to fatigue, shoulder pain, and back pain.
    • Long hours of uninterrupted standing threatens to cause a form of foot pain called plantar fasciitis.

Healthy Recommendations for Your Work Environment

Come to Maryland Farms Chiropractic for a detailed evaluation of your work-related discomfort. We can determine what role your current work environment plays in your tendinitis, muscle strain, joint problems, or neurological symptoms. Our chiropractor can then suggest some simple changes that you can make to remove those stressors from your work life, such as:

    • Altering your chair, desk, keyboard, or monitor height
    • Moving frequently-used items closer to your body
    • Using a headset with your phone and/or holding your mobile device higher
    • Wearing more supportive shoes
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