Sometimes it may be difficult to determine the exact cause of your back pain. This is because it may flare up right away following an injury, or it may appear gradually over a period of days and weeks. Sciatica is one cause of back pain that can develop over time. If your sciatica has become debilitating, it is important to seek treatment and pain management. At Maryland Farms Chiropractic in Brentwood, TN, our chiropractors provide a variety of natural treatment methods for sciatica and back pain.

Causes and Symptoms of Sciatica

When the sciatic nerve becomes pinched, sciatica can develop. This is usually from a herniated disc within your spine or from an overgrowth of a bone spur on your vertebrae. Age, obesity, prolonged sitting, and even diabetes are all things that can put you at higher risk for developing sciatica.

Symptoms of sciatica include:

  • Hip pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Pain in your leg or butt that gets worse while sitting
  • Tingling or burning down your leg
  • Numbness, difficulty moving your leg or foot, or weakness
  • A pain that is constant on one side of your butt
  • A shooting pain that radiates down the leg that makes it hard for you to stand up

Sciatica normally only affects one side of the lower body. The pain runs from your lower back all the way down to the thigh and radiates through one of your legs. Sometimes, the pain may also extend to your foot or toes, depending on the severity of your condition.

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

Upon your initial visit to our chiropractor, you will be asked questions about the type of pain you are experiencing, as well as your health background. We will also perform a physical exam to look for the root cause of your pain and any underlying conditions. After a diagnosis, our chiropractor will create a customized treatment plan for you and your condition.

Our chiropractor often uses spinal decompression to treat sciatica. This involves traction that gently stretches the spine to allow discs to move back into place, alleviating pain. Our chiropractor may also use adjustments or exercises to improve your range of motion and help you heal. You will likely need several visits with our chiropractor to fully recover from your condition.

Visit Our Chiropractor in Brentwood, TN for Sciatica Relief

If you are suffering from sciatica, we can help. At Maryland Farms Chiropractic in Brentwood, TN, our chiropractor provides personalized care and will find the right treatments for your sciatica pain. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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