Bulging Disc

Bulging Disc Treatment

As you age, your discs change, and you’re more susceptible to back problems like a bulging disc. Although a herniated disc is more likely to cause pain, so can a bulging disc. Unfortunately, with standard medical treatment, a physician is limited to the treatments he or she can provide for relief. However, at Maryland Farms Chiropractic, serving Brentwood, TN, and the nearby region, our chiropractor can provide you with natural relief from a bulging disc.

Definition of a Bulging Disc

A bulging disc is a condition where the shell of one of your discs begins to weaken. Since it’s compromised, the inside contents of the disc presses up against it. As a result, the disc looks like it’s bulging. The disc may put pressure on the surrounding tissue, which could cause you pain. If the disc presses against a nerve, you could experience numbness, pain, or weakness.

How Our Chiropractor Diagnoses a Bulging Disc

The first part of your exam with our chiropractic clinic consists of our chiropractor inquiring about your medical history and current condition. Our chiropractor conducts a physical examination by looking for signs of tenderness. You may be asked to move your legs through a series of exercises as well as moving your back. Additionally, our practitioner may ask you to walk to evaluate your gait. Most of the time, this is adequate to diagnose your bulging disc. However, our chiropractor may request imaging to confirm or see what the bulging disc is affecting.

Chiropractic Treatment for a Bulging Disc 

Our first course of action is often a chiropractic adjustment — a procedure that relieves pressure on the disc in your back. During this chiropractic care, our chiropractor moves the discs in your back. This helps realign them with the vertebrae in your back to alleviate any stress on the nerves and soft tissue.

Our chiropractor may also advise you to undergo exercise therapy. This particular treatment helps to stretch the muscles and relieve inflammation naturally. It also has the ability to optimize flexion and function. During exercise therapy, our chiropractor guides you through exercises that work that particular area of your back.

Another part of the treatment may consist of our chiropractor recommending lifestyle changes you can make to improve your condition, such as using hot and cold therapy. You may be advised on exercises you can do at home to enhance your healing even more.

Soon, we will be adding a massage therapist to our team who can manually target the tissue surrounding your back.

Schedule an appointment for relief of your bulging disc symptoms by calling Maryland Farms Chiropractic, serving Brentwood, TN, and the nearby region, at (615) 309-8279.

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