Text Neck

Constant Texting Causes Text Neck

Those that use their cell phones and mobile devices for texting in the car, at home or work are beginning to see some serious health consequences. One of them is text neck. When you tilt the head forward to type in a text message on a small keypad you strain your neck muscles and ligaments. Doctors have seen wear on the spine and neck in younger patients now more than ever before.

Impact on Younger People

It is feared that this habit will hurt teens and college-age student the most. They do the most texting using mobile devices with contacting friends and taking classes. Watching videos, browsing and texting all involve the use of neck muscles. When studied text messaging did the most damage at all. The neck muscles should support the head in a neutral position not be strained and looking down for long periods of times. This is what people do when they text using mobile phones and devices.

Suggestions When Using a Mobile Phone

Keep it at eye level when you use it for any reason. Take breaks frequently do not use it for longer periods of time. Get up and move around stretch a bit. Get the right chair for working on the computer that supports your neck and back. Keep your feet on the floor and sit with your back straight. Text neck causes pain in the neck headaches, pain, sinus problems, and pain radiating down the spine.  Visiting your chiropractic office when you develop text neck. They will help you correct the damage you have done.

Treatment for Text Neck

At Maryland Farms we have many therapies that can help you with text neck. Chiropractic adjustments and manipulations will help align the bones and relieve pain in the neck. Our chiropractor is trained in many different techniques for adjustments and manipulations.  These adjustments will align your neck and are performed by hands or a device. It is gentle and pain-free.  Massage therapy may be used in addition to chiropractic care. Massage will relax you and relieve stress on the neck helping to reduce the overall pain.

Our therapist may design corrective exercises that you can do to help with the pain in the neck and to correct the damage done. These exercises can be done at home or in the office when you are having a regular session.

Contact our Brentwood Office for An Appointment

When you experience neck pain contact the doctor at Maryland Farms Chiropractic to set up an appointment to treat text neck and neck pain. We will design a treatment program that is right for you. Call 615-309-8279 today.

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