Common factors that affect the speed of your recovery

Recovery Factors to Accelerate Your Healing

Maryland Farms Chiropractic serves the Brentwood area with quality chiropractic care. We treat many people who come to us after surgery, sports injury, and even auto accidents. It is important to understand vital factors that can reduce your recovery time so you can heal more completely and efficiently as you go through your treatment.

Things You Should Consider while in Recovery:

  • Nutrition — What you consume always matters when it comes to health and wellness. When your body is healing from an injury, your diet can directly aid the speed and efficiency of the healing process. A broken bone is a good example of diet affecting healing efficiency. Your body is literally rebuilding bone. Plenty of healthy fatty oils, vitamin D, and Calcium can aid during the regrowth. Extra green antioxidants are always good for healing. Even certain mushrooms and fish oil supplements can physically help after a serious head injury.
  • Rest — If you do not prioritize sleep and rest your body may force you to. The scenario where an injured person will not slow down then they are forced to because they cannot walk or move the area is common. Rest for the period, so your body can fully recover.
  • Movement — Once your rest period is up, and it is time to start working the area, you may discover that it is harder than you expect, and you may want to continue to stay off of it. Even if it is hard, rebuilding strength is one of the key factors for complete healing.

These tips are not heal-all miracle ways to advance the healing process. Instead, they are important ways for you to give your body all it needs to do the job of properly healing in its own time.

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