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How soon after delivery can you see a chiropractor?

How Soon After Delivery Can You See a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic care can be an important part of the way your body adapts to changes that happen during your pregnancy. At Maryland Farms Chiropractic, we have years of experience providing both expectant and current mothers with natural and effective chiropractic care. How soon you can resume chiropractic following birth care will depend on your birth experience.

Vaginal Delivery

If you have done a vaginal delivery without pregnancy complications, you can return to our chiropractor as soon as you are comfortable with leaving your home. Our chiropractor may modify your treatment plan as your body adjusts and problem areas shift.


A C-section is treated like other major abdominal surgeries. You should wait four to six weeks after the procedure to have lower back treatment. You may need to wait up to three months. The upper back and neck can be treated right away and you can work with a chiropractor to determine which treatment should be started. Any manipulations that place you on your stomach will be avoided. Instead, therapies should have you lying on your back or in a seated position. Soft tissue mobilization, assisted stretching, acupuncture, and corrective exercise can be used to manage symptoms and support recovery.

Chiropractic Care Following Birth

Getting adjusted after delivery helps the body recover and heal and can give pain relief. During labor, the pelvic ligaments and joints need to relax to make space for the baby. Adjustments after delivery can help make sure joints are in alignment as they return to normal and tighten up. New moms often experience upper back pain and headaches as the repetitive motions. Holding and feeding the baby after birth can cause stress on the muscles and joints of the neck and upper back.

Chiropractor in Brentwood

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