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Benefits of Senior Chiropractic Care

Benefits of Senior Chiropractic Care

Aging comes with lots of challenges. With more and more people reaching the age of 65 in the United States, by 2030 it is estimated that 20% of the population will be seniors. Geriatric care combines many things and chiropractic care has an important role in keeping older Americans healthier and enjoying life more. At Maryland Farms Chiropractic we offer the healing, pain relief, and wellness services that you are looking for. Our chiropractor in Brentwood provides compassionate care for the entire family.

Senior Chiropractic Services

The most common reason that seniors visit a chiropractor is for pain, usually in the lower back. But there is a lot more to chiropractic care than just spinal manipulation. When it comes to seniors, nutritional counseling and fall prevention are areas where seniors benefit, in addition to spinal manipulative therapy. With chiropractic services it is a whole-body approach that benefits seniors greatly.

Spinal Manipulation Therapy

In addition to back pain SMT can help with other issues that seniors suffer from including boosting the immune system, improved cognitive function, provide more energy, and help with health and wellness. It can also reduce inflammation and stress.

Nutritional Counseling

Research shows that most seniors are not getting all the nutrients that they require to remain healthy and active. An improved diet can greatly increase the quality of life in older adults. Calcium and Vitamin D have been shown to have benefits.

Fall Prevention

According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in seniors. 25% of Americans over 65 falls each year, that is a staggering amount. Chiropractic care can help lessen this risk through counseling and exercise programs. SMT may also reduce pain which may be affecting the way that seniors walk and balance themselves.

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