Back Pain Treatment with our Brentwood Chiropractor

As you may be all too aware, your back makes it possible to perform countless everyday tasks — while a nagging case of back pain can make those actions equally impossible. If your aching back won’t let you drive, work, sleep, or otherwise live your life, then you need to look into some non-surgical therapeutic ways to gain relief. Here at Maryland Farms Chiropractic, we can help you overcome your back pain and keep it in optimal condition for life.


What’s Happening in Your Back? Pregnancy, Injury, and Other Challenges

The human spine has many working parts, from the top of the neck to the tailbone. This makes it capable of remarkable support and flexibility, but it also makes it vulnerable to trouble. Even a slight deviation from your normal posture or alignment can cause back pain; pregnancy or other types of weight gain can make this pain worse. Simply getting older makes your discs prone to bulging and losing height, which in turn can promote inflammation and arthritis in the joints of your back and neck. In addition to the joint and muscle strain caused by these physical changes, pressure on the spinal cord and major nerves can cause pain in the back and elsewhere.

If you’ve recently suffered an accident, you may have little doubt about the cause of your back pain. Sudden impacts to the body can push spinal joints out of alignment and tear muscles.

Our Chiropractor Has Got Your Back

Trust your back pain to the gentle yet effective care of our chiropractor, Dr. Liz Baker. (Our back pain treatments are even safe enough to be administered during pregnancy.) A thorough evaluation of your spine, musculoskeletal alignment, symptoms, and medical history can help us pinpoint the source of your pain. This enables us to target our therapies for maximum relief by addressing the underlying issue.

Our chiropractor may combine multiple therapies to get your back pain under control. Spinal adjustments performed either manually or with instruments, can realign your spinal joints, discs, and vertebrae to reduce your pain. Massage therapy can also help by easing muscle pain while helping overstressed tissues relax and heal themselves more rapidly. We can even recommend exercises and lifestyle changes to help you maintain a stronger, more comfortable, better-supported back.

Schedule an Appointment with our Brentwood Chiropractor

Don’t put up with the tortures of back pain needlessly. Experience a new lease on life by calling Maryland Farms Chiropractic at (615) 309-8279 to schedule a consultation, examination, and all-natural treatment. We want to help you banish your back pain in Brentwood or Nashville TN!

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