Maryland Farms Chiropractic Testimonials

At Maryland Farms Chiropractic we strive to provide our patients with the best care and service possible. If you are a current a chiropractic patient and would like to provide us with some feedback, feel free to leave us a review.

Dr. Elizabeth Baker
Your Brentwood Chiropractor

“I have had rods in my spine since I was a child due to a severe scoliosis. I have fairly constant discomfort and pain due to these structural abnormalities. I have been coming to Maryland Farms Chiropractic since 2003. They are the only people I trust to adjust my spine in the way that is necessary to ease the pain. They are knowledgeable and are gentle enough to adjust my back, even with the metal rods I have in place. I look forward to my maintenance adjustments every month to keep me ‘in line’. I don’t know what I would have done with out them! I would recommend this office to anyone who has questions or concerns about how a chiropractic adjustments can help them.”

– Sarah J

“Audrey was 11 years old and was born wih Spina Bifida. Scoliosis is very common among Spina-Bifida patients and Audrey had been monitored yearly for changes in the curvature of her spine. In September of 2004 while at her routine annual exam, she had a 9 degree curve of her spine. Her orthopedic surgeon expressed concern and decided we needed to watch her more frequently, and there was a concern for a need of surgery. As her mother and a patient of Maryland Farms Chiropractic, I decided to bring Audrey to have a chiropractic exam. Audrey had several visits and then returned to the orthopedic office. The surgeon stated that he couldn’t see ANY curvature on that xray and we returned for only annual exams!”

– Stephanie A. and Audrey A.

“Plagued by multiple sports injuries over many years, resulting in neck, back, hip pain and more. I had simply resorted to ‘living’ with the pain through my exercise adn training regime until the day finally came when my body said ‘STOP! No More!’. MRI analysis advised orthopedic surgery centered on my spine, which I wanted to avoid at all costs. The pain so severe, a mere 3 weeks ago, led me to Maryland Farms Chiropractic as a final resort. Due to the amazing treatment and care provided by Dr. Baker in 3 short weeks time, I am literally, unequivocally, living and once again commencing training, Pain-Free!! Awesome!!”

– Gill P.

“They have kept me pain free from neck and hand pain for 2 years, when 2 orthopedic physicians said I had to have surgery.”

– Virginia Z.

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