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Your First Appointment

Your First Appointment at Maryland Farms Chiropractic For Chronic Pain: What To Expect

When you're ready to seek treatment from a chiropractor for your chronic pain, you might be wondering what to expect from your first consultation. At our Brentwood chiropractic office, Maryland Farms Chiropractic, we always have a consultation with our clients before beginning treatment. This helps us to fully understand your needs.

What To Expect At Your Consultation

Before coming into the office for a consultation, we will greet you and instruct you to fill out some forms online before you arrive. This provides Dr. Baker with more information about your overall health. After your forms are complete, you'll meet with Dr. Baker to talk about your chronic pain and any other health issues that you are hoping to alleviate with chiropractic treatment. Dr. Baker will talk to you about different treatment approaches and the likelihood of a positive outcome with each different approach. You'll be encouraged to ask questions to ensure that you fully understand how Dr. Baker would like to approach the treatment of your chronic pain. After your discussion, she will perform a full chiropractic examination, testing your flexibility, reflexes, posture, and other physical measures. Digital x-rays may be taken as well, if necessary. After reviewing the results of your initial examination, Dr. Baker will revisit the treatment approach discussed, and you will have the option to have your first chiropractic treatment at the end of your consultation. Dr. Baker will also talk with you about how to incorporate general well-being strategies into your life so that your healing can continue outside of the office.

Call Maryland Farms Chiropractic Today!

Ready to start healing your chronic pain by working with a chiropractor? We'd love to see you for a consultation to talk about how we can help. Call our Brentwood office, Maryland Farms Chiropractic, today at 615-309-8279. We look forward to meeting with you!