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Yard Work & Gardening: Alleviate Muscle Pain

Yard Work & Gardening: Alleviate Muscle Pain this Spring With Our Brentwood Chiropractor

If you enjoy spending time doing yard work, it is likely you have experienced muscle pain after your endeavors. Many people who do gardening and other yard activities find that pain in their neck, shoulders, and lower back occur after hard work outdoors is completed. Calling Maryland Farms Chiropractic in Brentwood to make an appointment with our chiropractic team is an option to find relief. Here are some wellness tips to take into consideration.

woman with back pain from gardening

Take Time To Stretch Your Body

Consider yard work to be a form of exercise. In order to engage in an exercise safely, it is best to stretch your body before and afterward to help keep muscle pain from occurring. Start by reaching your arms above your head for several seconds and then reach down toward your toes for several seconds. Repeat the exercise several times before you start your work. After you have completed for the day, repeat the stretches to cool down your body.

Alleviate Pain When Work Is Done

After you spend a day outdoors, rest your body rather than continuing to engage in strenuous activity. If you experience mild pain, use a heating pad to relieve it effectively. If you have any inflammation in the body, use ice to reduce it before switching to heat.

Getting chiropractic assistance after working in the yard will help to relieve muscle pain and regain mobility. Often stress on joints causes pain. Realigning the body by getting a spinal adjustment can help. Temperature control and massage can also be conducted at our chiropractor's office to help relax your body. Monitored exercises will also help to stretch muscles and relieve mild pain.

Schedule an Appointment with Maryland Farms Chiropractic Today!

If you need assistance in reducing pain after gardening or doing yard work, call Maryland Farms Chiropractic in Brentwood to make an appointment with our practitioner. Our office is reachable at (615) 309-8279 to have a consultation with our chiropractor. We are ready to help you find a treatment option that helps minimize any discomfort you are experiencing.