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Ways To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Ways To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

The holidays may be the most festive and fun time of the year, but they also pose some health hazards. From dealing with slippery ice and snow to hauling heavy gifts, here's how to avoid some of the season's most common health hazards provided our chiropractor from Maryland Farms Chiropractic in Brentwood, TN.

Get Help with Lifting Items

From weight sets to kiddie cars and oversized televisions, some of the most fun gifts are the most awkward to carry. Always practice good ergonomics and use the team lifting system when carrying heavy objects. If you sustained an injury, schedule an appointment with our chiropractor right away for treatment.

Shovel and Walk With Care

If the ground is icy, you could easily slip and fall. If you need to shovel or rake, you are prone to sustain a back injury. Approach seasonal weather and tasks with care by taking it slow and looking before you walk.

Avoid Accidental Overindulgence

During the holidays, we tend to overeat before we even realize it. Many of the holiday meals include high levels of salt, sugar, and fat. Too much of these three can affect your health. To help avoid overindulgence, eat slowly, watch your portion size, and include healthy foods with your meals. If you need tips on how to control your calorie consumption, consult with our chiropractor. We can create a plan that will work with your lifestyle.

Seek Chiropractic Care to Remain Healthy During the Holidays

Keep your body and health in holiday-ready shape with a visit to Maryland Farms Chiropractic in Brentwood. We can make sure your aches and pains don't turn into a serious injury, and we can help you stay healthy during this holiday season. Call 615-309-8279 if you have any concerns about your well-being or to schedule an appointment.